Commuters continue to fight bus privatisation

Commuters are continuing to fight the privatisation of Sydney’s Inner West Public Buses.  Glebe Residents, RTBU-Bus Division, CPA Maritime and the local Member Jamie Parker Greens MP staged a protest at one of the busiest bus stops on Thursday 5th April 2018, and plan to continue to hold these protests on following Thursdays.

Hands of Glebe organised the action at the bus stop on Parramatta Road near Bay Street.

Over one third of Sydney’s buses are due to be privatised on the 1 July. The Transport Minister’s decision will see 1,200 bus drivers’ jobs threatened across the inner west bus region. On top of job threats, Transit Systems, which has won the contract for the inner west region, is planning on recruiting bus drivers from overseas.

The Secretary of Hands Off Glebe, Emily Bullock, said the privatisation of the inner west buses is part of a war on Sydney’s public transport.

“The privatisation of the inner west bus region will see an increase in fares, cancellations and delays.

“The privatisation of Sydney’s ferries saw increases in fares, two times the number of trips cancelled and a 36% increase in delays, all within the first year.

“Mike Baird promised that the privatisation of Newcastle’s buses would result in ‘better and more frequent’ services,” Ms Bullock said.

“Instead it has resulted in many commuters needing to catch two or three buses, when previously only one bus was needed. The new Sydney metro line is set to be the next casualty in this fight.

About Hands Off Glebe:

Hands off Glebe is an incorporated voluntary group meeting monthly in Glebe. Its ideals include expansion of public housing, protection of heritage, public discussion of development proposals; full community consultation by government; commitment to a liveable inner city environment for all residents and information sharing to all who live in our area.


Glebe Development a disgrace wrapped in lies and greed 14 June 2015


The Minister for Social Housing’s announcement that half the public land at Cowper Street, Glebe will be sold to private developers is a disgrace. It will do nothing to help solve Sydney’s housing crisis but will steal land belonging to the people and give it to the wealthy.


“The Baird Government should use some of the billions it is raking in from stamp duty and land tax to start a major public housing building program to meet the needs of the 60,000 on the waiting list and the many homeless in our city,” Denis Doherty from Hands off Glebe Inc said in Glebe this morning.

Over the past decade Labor and Liberal governments in NSW have privatised 7,000 public housing properties. The O’Farrell Government cut $37 million from the housing budget in 2013.


“The truth is that the Baird Government wants to get rid of its responsibility for housing its citizens altogether. It is selling public assets on a massive scale, offloading $1 billion worth of property in the past two years alone.


“This is short-term interest being pursued against long-term interest of the people,” Mr Doherty said.


“The Minister should be ashamed of this development. Close to Cowper Street is the Wentworth Park Aqueduct where under each arch four to six people sleep rough each night.  The Government had a chance to build another ‘Common Ground’ establishment on land it owned in a key area yet they passed it up for a quick and shameful profit.


“The Inner City needs affordable homes for essential workers such as nurses, teachers, police and ferry workers yet only a small portion of the development will provide this. Cowper Street is close to three universities and student accommodation is also desperately needed yet there is no provision for this need.




“The Minister is repeating the lies of Housing NSW when they destroyed a thriving community of almost 300 people four years ago. The homes may not have been architectural marvels, but the claim that they had to be demolished because they were ‘old’ is a lie. Some of the 16 low rise buildings had just been renovated including a $4 million for lifts.


“The suggestion that the development will provide ‘mix’ is another lie. Private and public housing will be physically separated by a busy road and his barrier will not be crossed.

“The claim of community consultation is another lie. There is no evidence that the community supports the Cowper Street development.


“Hands off Glebe is a local community group formed to defend public housing which has been campaigning for years to save Cowper Street public housing.


“We have organised postcard and letter writing campaigns, protest rallies at the site and outside Parliament House and much more.


“Recently the Minister cancelled an appointment to see a delegation from Hands off Glebe, saying he would be too busy for a long time to see us.


“It is criminal to privatise the dwindling stock of public housing and public land when there is a housing affordability crisis. A home is a human right, not just another way for the rich to make even more money,” Mr Doherty concluded.


For more information

Denis Doherty 0418 290 663

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Give Bidura back to the Community


Bidura Sold!

Bidura, the heritage house at 357 Glebe Point Road which has been a children’s home and later a Children’s Court since 1920, has been sold off for $33 million by the Baird Government without any consultation with our community. The sale includes the modern building behind the heritage house.

The private developer has said he will build 100 units on the site!

The Baird Government wants to pack and stack us into our suburb. But Glebe is known as a village and Baird’s policies will destroy the village!

Voice your opposition to this sale and
send the Baird Government this leaflet (see overleaf)



He and his Government are making sure that Glebe residents
and public housing tenants will have their Christmas
spoiled by their anti-people policies


Dear Premier Baird,

We strongly object to the sell off of Bidura in Glebe Point Road in secret and without consultation or respect for local residents.

This property could have been used by your Government for a number of much needed community amenities rather than being sold off to the private sector. Bidura could have renovated to provide:

  • Social and affordable housing for some of the thousands on the waiting list.
  • A community facility –leave it as a Children’s Court !
  • An education facility
  • an arts or cultural centre

Instead of thinking of the people’s needs, you have flogged this wonderful building off to a developer who will see it only as a source of profit, not a community asset.

We call on you to reverse this decision. Keep Bidura in public hands and develop it to meet people’s needs.

While your Government continues to see property as a source of revenue and continues to ignores community views and needs, we will do all in our power to unseat you come the March 2015 election.

Signed ________________________________________




Send to: NSW Premier Baird, Parliament House, Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Authorised by Hands off Glebe, PO Box 45, Glebe NSW 2037. E:

More Money for Public Housing

Media Release

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Wednesday 19 November

Parliament House, Macquarie Street

12 noon


“We reject the Baird Government’s plan to move as many people as possible out of social housing and into the private rental market. This is a recipe for increased private profits at the cost of increasing human misery,” Hannah Middleton, Secretary of the public housing advocacy group, Hands off Glebe, said in Sydney this morning.


“Minister Upton’s discussion paper on social housing, released today, makes it clear that the Baird Government is busy planning to destroy the public housing system.


“When Minister Upton speaks of ‘finite resources’ and social housing as a ‘safety net’, she makes it clear that the Baird Government intends to deal with the current housing crisis and intolerable levels of housing stress by throwing more and more people to the wolves of the private rental market.


“The housing crisis extends from the homeless on the street to those who are well paid.  We have people paying extortionate rents or paying exorbitant rates to buy a house.


“Teachers are reporting that children are coming to school hungry because of housing stress,” Hannah Middleton said.


“What is needed is massive investment in public, affordable housing – more money for more homes for more members of our community,” Denis Doherty from Hands off Glebe said.


“Government has a responsibility to ensure that everyone can find a decent home they can afford. To do otherwise is to increase the welfare burden and the number of people on the street.


“Rents in the private sector are way beyond the means of increasing numbers of people. The private sector has failed the people of NSW.


“We will be outside Parliament House on Wednesday 19 November at 12 noon to tell the Baird Government that for economic, social and moral reasons it must massively increase investment in public affordable housing,” Mr Doherty concluded.





Media Release on Glebe Youth Service

Fightback against closure of Glebe Youth Service


Community protest has erupted after youth workers were suddenly locked out of the Glebe Youth Service (GYS) building at 84 Glebe Point Road for alleged fire safety reasons.

“Housing NSW has refused to release the fire safety report which makes us suspect that the real intent is to sell the building for several millions,” said Hannah Middleton who has begun a daily vigil outside the locked GYS building.

At a public meeting last week local Green MP Jamie Parker, ALP shadow housing minister Sophie  Cotsis, Sydney City Council Deputy Mayor Robyn Kemmis and representatives of the Glebe Society and Hands off Glebe joined community members in condemning the closure.

“I decided to vigil daily outside the GYS building as one of many efforts to make the NSW Minister for Community Affairs Pru Goward reverse the decision and give us back our youth service,” said Hannah Middleton, a member of Hands off Glebe and the local Port Jackson branch of the Communist Party.

“I will also be collecting signatures on protest Christmas Cards to be sent to Minister Pru Goward.

“I am outraged that on the eve of Christmas the Minister has closed the service as it swings into action to provide activities for young people from 12 to 18 to provide an alternative to what can be risky behaviour.

“We feel the closure is part of a pattern in which social services and public housing tenants are treated as liabilities while buildings are valued as assets.

“Our community is justifiably suspicious of a government interested in cutting rather than providing services, and suspect the motivation is to sell off the building and sell out Glebe’s young people.”

“We are coming together to battle this injustice perpetrated by a heartless O’Farrell Government and we will not stop until we have our Glebe Youth Service back in its home in the heart of Glebe,” Hannah Middleton concluded.

For more information:  Hannah Middleton 0418 668 098

Visit our website:


Send a Xmas Card to Barry O’Farrell

Send a Xmas Card to Barry O’Farrell c/- Parliament House Macquarie St Sydney.
Here is the image on the front

here is the text of the Xmas Card

Dear Premier OFarrell,
Happy Christmas!
Remember Sydney’s housing crisis which you
added to by knocking down 289 bedrooms in
Cowper St, Glebe.
You demolished public housing here and we
want you to make sure that the new dwellings
are all public or affordable housing.
A home is a right not source of
Yours sincerely
Name and Signature
…………………………postcode: ……………
Merry Christmas!
Download pdf and send off to the Premier O’Farrell.

Write to the minister! Date October 2011

The Hon Gregory Pearce
Minister for Finance and Services
State Parliament
Macquarie St, Sydney 2000
Address ___________
Postcode __________

Dear Minister,
I/We are very worried by the development by the NSW Government Dept of Housing project in Cowper St, Glebe.
I/We call on you to develop project along these lines:
• That the land at the Cowper Street Development be used for 100% public housing or affordable housing.
• That the proposed extension of Elger Street through to Bay St be stopped.
• That the buildings are to be limited to 6 stories, 250 units.
• That landscaping or open space is 40% of the property.
• No building of bed sits for old people but the accommodation made available for the older generation be of a standard that supports that person in the community for as long as possible.
Yours sincerely

Please sign