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postcard against State Significant sites

By Cllr Jess Scully

I’ve only lived in Glebe for six years, and even in that short time, I’ve witnessed the confusion that surrounds the big plans for the Bays.

Many of you with longer memories than mine have masterplan fa-tigue: for 20+ years NSW Governments have stopped and started with plans for the Bays Precinct.

A 2014 report commissioned by the City of Sydney documents a long and checkered history, noting that “over the past 17 years there have been a myriad of strategic plans, policies and Master Plans developed for the Bays Precinct area which have set out various principles, ob-jectives and actions for the future redevelopment of the predominantly publicly-owned land.”

Five years later, there’s no sign of progress or greater clarity. Plans for the Sydney Fish Market – surely a crucial part of the Bays – are scheduled to be released before any masterplan. Community groups have been assured they’ll be released any day now.

Before the Fish Market is moved, or any other Bays projects devel-oped, we must call on the NSW Government to not start from scratch, but to go back through the masses of consultation for the Bays and to commit to the principles that have been repeatedly championed by the community: accessible open public space including sports fields, affordable housing, public transport options and pedestrian and cycle access, to be delivered using a holistic and strategic approach.

State Significant Precinct

As a “State Significant Precinct”, the Bays Precinct is subject to state planning controls, rather than Council oversight. This is part of a disturb-ing trend – more than 274 hectares of land in the City of Sydney alone have been carved out as State Significant Development (SSD).

The new NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, has spoken out against spot rezoning, saying “It’s no surprise that people get angry when things happen that they didn’t expect.” Swarms of SSD in our neighbourhoods are having the same impact: we must call on the Minis-ter to bring certainty back to the planning system and end the over-reliance on SSD.

Glebe, Ultimo and Pyrmont will soon come under siege by a number of major projects. In 2019, despite years of planning and masterplan-ning, there is no overarching vision, and these proposals fail to con-sider the cumulative impact of other state-led developments on our local area.

For over 15 years, the City has demonstrated our ability to plan, coor-dinate and assess large-scale development to balance growth and the amenity of residents. And what we see now is the gradual, but unmis-

takable, erosion of our role and planning responsibilities as a local government authority. It is deeply disappointing that residents can’t have the City of Sydney and our expert Central Sydney Planning Committee reviewing these large-scale developments on their behalf.

To echo the sentiments of Lord Mayor Clover Moore “We must work with our community to demand that the NSW planning system is over-hauled and reformed, that transparency and consistency are reintro-duced as guiding principles, that the same rules apply to all and for an end to the rampant overdevelopment that has been allowed un-checked.”


Please write to the NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, and the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian calling for an end to State Significant Precincts and State Significant Devel-opments so that planning controls may be returned to local over-sight.

They can be contacted at the NSW Government Minister website: or

The Hon. G. Berejiklian, MP GPO Box 5341 Sydney NSW 2001

The Hon. Rob Stokes, MP GPO Box 5341 Sydney NSW 2001


Should you have any other con-cerns or ideas for improving our community, please reach out to me at

April 2019 Grapevine – Fish Market


Fish Statue in Ulladulla NSW

More on the fish markets

Hands off Glebe Inc held an information evening on 13 February about the fish market development. Over 70 people attended and discussed the many community concerns. UrbanGrowth NSW then sent Hands off Glebe a letter responding to some of these issues (see pages 2 & 3). Unfortunately the letter does not answer many of our concerns about traffic congestion, Wentworth Park, noise, contamination of the bay and more.


The letter from UrbanGrowth NSW includes replies to “masterplan questions from Hands off Glebe”. But the “questions” are in fact community views that came out of a survey. The survey results were sent to UrbanGrowth on three occasions but they denied ever receiving them. Now UrbanGrowth has apparently got the survey results but has turned our views into “questions”. Very curious.

If you want a copy of the survey results, email us at

UrbanGrowth NSW replies to community concerns about the fish markets

UrbanGrowth NSW wrote to Hands off Glebe with the following comments on the issues raised at our public meeting. Below we publish extracts from this letter.  If you would like a full copy of the letter, email us at

Wentworth Park

There will be no development on Wentworth Park or impact on the existing Fig trees. Wentworth Park will remain as public open space managed by the City of Sydney.

Visual connections between the park and Blackwattle Bay will also be improved at the Bridge Road intersections of Wentworth Park Road and Wattle Street so you can see the water which is currently blocked by industrial structures.

Bridge Road and traffic

The traffic lanes on Bridge Road will be widened to current standards and will accommodate drop off zones. A new footpath, which will be approximately 12 metres wide on the same side as the fish market, will include shared cycle lanes and provide safer access for pedestrians.

The new market will have greater light rail access with three stations within 400 m, as well as a ferry service. We are working with government and a range of stakeholders on a precinct-wide parking and transport mobility strategy for the future, which includes improved bus services.


There will be no dredging, instead a piling method with a cofferdam and silt curtains will be used. Piling is preferred over dredging in most Sydney Harbour projects to minimise interface risks associated with existing pollutants. It is successfully used for most wharf structures in Sydney Harbour.

Relocating the Fish Market

The NSW Government’s vision is to create an authentic, rejuvenated fish market on Sydney’s inner harbour that will be dynamic, sustainable, and sympathetic to the local area. This vision has been informed by the community’s aspirations and feedback from the extensive public consultation that UrbanGrowth NSW has undertaken since 2014.

Glebe Grapevine comments:

The Glebe Grapevine does not think that the UrbanGrowth responses adequately answer the many community concerns about the fish market development.

We recommend that readers go to Issue 1 of 2019 of the Glebe Society newsletter which has an excellent article on the fish market by Lesley Lynch.

Go to to access the article.

Community Masterplan for the Market District of the Bays Precinct



A large community meeting held on May 3, 2017 in Glebe expressed deep concern about the development of the Bays Precinct, the lack of concrete information about what was about to be undertaken, and their anger that their voices were not being heard.

Community members agreed that it was necessary to genuinely consult the people of the area to find out what was important to them and then to develop a form of Community Master Plan which could be presented to the NSW Government, UrbanGrowth and their architects and planners.

The Glebe Grapevine agreed to develop a survey and this was done with some assistance from the office of the local MP Jamie Parker.

6,000 copies of the Grapevine containing the survey were letterboxed across the suburb. The survey was also sent out on line. Four drop off points along Glebe Point Road and two postal addresses were used for the survey collection in addition to on line responses.

We received back a response of 2% which is fairly standard for surveys.  Survey responses were collated and the results used as the basis for this Community Master Plan. 84% of the replies came from Glebe residents, 3% from Ultimo, the remaining 13% came from other suburbs.


The areas designated as immediate priority destinations by UrbanGrowth are the Bays Waterfront Promenade Stage 1 Pyrmont to Blackwattle Bay, the White Bay Power Station, the Bays Market District including the Sydney Fish Market and Wentworth Park.

These areas are where we have lived, worked and played for generations. Many people in our “Glebe Village” have lived here for many years and are descendants of earlier Glebe residents. At the same time, with increasing high rise apartment developments in different parts of our suburb, we have welcomed in many new residents.

This has put new pressures on schools, health services, roads, parking, public transport and other services. There is concern that this will increase with new residents and many more visitors as a result of the Bays Precinct developments.

The greater part of the area to be developed is public land and should remain so. Wentworth Park should remain public land under the control of Sydney City Council.




There is a passionate commitment to preserving Wentworth Park. Residents were strongly (60%) against any loss of green space and the loss of any trees. Concern was also expressed about the park becoming shaded on four sides by high rise developments.

Some community members favour expanding Wentworth Park so it crosses Bridge Road (with traffic sent underground) and reaches the foreshore, greening the Hanson cement site or an even wider area.

78% of respondents said they used the park regularly for walks, sports, training, exercising dogs and picnics.

22% reported that they did not use the park, citing age and fear of the homeless living under the viaduct. However, many of these people also stated that they value Wentworth Park because green space is important for a city and that Sydney does not have enough of it.


The second matter of greatest concern to the Glebe community is traffic.

With recent large residential developments in and around Glebe already congested roads have become even more crowded.

It is clear that any development of these areas of the Bays Precinct cannot progress without the development of an integrated traffic plan that deals with traffic congestion and plans future traffic flows.

The plan must include provision of bus and ferry links, improved access to and from the light rail, large parking facilities, and bicycle lanes.

A suggestion that a pedestrian bridge might link Wentworth Park to the foreshore received 72% support, providing that it did not involve the loss of any green space or trees.


The move of the Fish Market received some contradictory results.  When asked about the move of the market 37% opted for UrbanGrowth’s model on the Hanson site.  When asked about the Hanson site itself most opted for the walkway 49% while the Market gained 27% and low rise commercial 16%.

Some (23%) prefer that it be moved towards the old Glebe Island Bridge and others (23%) want it to go to the White Bay Power Station. One condition is a broad insistence that the foreshore walkway be retained with unimpeded access.

Provision of a ferry stop at the new Fish Market was raised as an important service by some respondents.

Concerns are expressed about increased pollution of the bay, distracting noise and smells for the school, public access to the foreshore, increased traffic and parking.



There is majority (54%) opposition to any high rise residential and/or commercial development on the foreshore.

However, 43% of residents indicated that they agree with high rise development (retail with residential above) on the old Fish Markets site.

There is strong support for any housing built in the area to include affordable and public housing.

93% of respondents wanted some public and affordable housing while only 7% wanted only private housing.

15% of respondents wanted different approaches which vary from all housing to be public housing through to no public housing at all.


The survey indicated that the largest trend (65%) among the community for this site was for the area to converted to open space for a walkway or at the very least some opportunity for low rise commercial ventures.  27% did want the Fish Market there and a further 9% mentioned a ferry wharf, a town beach, and a bus depot

A constant theme was the call for public access to the foreshore and a walkway across the site, however it is developed.

A number of residents expressed the need for the development to include retention of the area’s historical and industrial features.


Responses to several survey questions showed that there is strong support for unimpeded public access to the foreshore with a continuous walkway, including space for both pedestrians and cyclists. At present the walkway from Annandale finishes at the Hanson cement site. Residents wish it to continue unbroken to Woollooomooloo.



We hope that the rejuvenation of the Bays Precinct will create spaces that sit well with our Glebe Village lifestyle but also expand our horizons as more visitors arrive and more opportunities for employment and leisure are created.

We appreciate the vision of a new fresh food and fish market that can attract people from across Sydney and wider to shop, enjoy restaurants and entertainments and experience our beautiful harbour.

We hope that the Bays Precinct will indeed become a place that contributes to healthy, prosperous and resilient lifestyles.

We do not want our bay and its foreshores surrounded by high rise buildings created for profit rather than to meet the needs of the people of Sydney. We want low rise homes that are a mix of public housing, affordable housing and private housing, reflecting the current rich diversity in Glebe.

We welcome the appointment of 3XN as the architects firm to design the new Sydney Fish Market and hope that they will engage with us as the local community.

We also look forward to engaging with the urban designer to be appointed to develop a master plan for the Bays Market District.

We hope that these companies will acknowledge us as major stakeholders and take seriously into account the following priorities expressed by our community for the Bays Precinct development.

Priorities for the Bays Precinct development

  1. There must be no developments in the area without prior adoption of detailed plans for improved and expanded services including schools, public transport and roads/traffic.
  2. There must be no privatisation of public land.
  3. The Bays Market District and commercial/residential buildings must be designed and built without compromising Wentworth Park, with no loss of trees and no loss of green space.
  4. Using any part of Wentworth Park for these purposes cannot be offset by the provision of other green space (foreshore pocket parks, etc) and is not allowable.
  5. An integrated plan covering expanded public transport, traffic flows, cycle ways and provision of increased parking areas must be an essential element of the Bays Precinct developments and must be in place concurrently with other design and planning elements.
  6. The traffic plan must include dedicated public transport — bus, ferry and light rail — to the new Bays Market District.
  7. The Fish Markets do not necessarily have to move to the Hanson site. The new Fish Markets and Bays Market District should not be high rise buildings and should not intrude into the bay to too great an extent.
  8. The new Fish Markets and Bays Market District development should include a ferry stop.
  9. The development should acknowledge and retain industrial and historical features of the area. The coal loader should be replenished and conserved.
  10. The development of commercial and/or residential buildings on the shore line must be low rise. High rise is not to be allowed in this part of the Bays Precinct. (Limit to 5 storeys)
  11. Any residential development must include 20% affordable and 20% public housing.
  12. The development must not intrude too far into the bay and must not compromise Wentworth Park in any way.
  13. The development must include public access to a foreshore walkway and must also be greened to the maximum extent possible.
  14. Development of the Waterfront Promenade and the Bays Market District must include unimpeded public access to the foreshore including a continuous walkway from Annandale to Woolloomooloo.
  15. Serious attention must be given to providing full and free access to the foreshore and walkway for the disabled.

Media Release on Fish Market Survey – Community rejects Government Plans

Media Release

Monday July 3, 2017

Community Survey rejects Government’s plans for Fish Market.

The announcement of the architect for proposed changes to the Fish Market coincided with an extensive community survey being conducted by the local activist group Hands off Glebe Inc.  Surveys were on line and nearly 6,000 questionnaires were distributed throughout Glebe and Ultimo.

Hands off Glebe Inc runs a local newsletter called ‘The Glebe Grapevine’ which is a bi monthly publication placed in letterboxes around the suburb.

“This month’s edition of the Glebe Grapevine spurred on by a very successful public meeting about the Bays Precinct, the Fish Market and associated issues, decided to conduct a survey of Glebe and Ultimo residents using the hand delivered Grapevine. We also provided an electronic survey for people outside the suburb. The questions are the work and responsibility of the committee,”  Denis Doherty, convenor of Hands off Glebe, said.

“We had a good response to our survey and local businesses were prepared to be drop off points for completed surveys.  The responses were in the majority from Glebe (84%) while we received 3% from Ultimo, 3% from Drummoyne, 3% from Leichhardt, 2% from Annandale and the remaining 5% from other suburbs.

“Residents are alarmed that the very valuable park near the site is in danger of being eroded by the new development.

“They are not happy that the residential area is largely for the wealthy and does not make allowances for social housing.  This is an insensitive response to the current housing crisis in Sydney.  Local residents know that in direct eyesight of the new development nearly 100 homeless people are living in tents under the viaduct which cuts through Wentworth Park.

“The greater influx of traffic caused by the new expanded market will only result in further congestion of an already congested Glebe and Ultimo.

“There are other concerns highlighted by the survey such as pollution of the bay.  The effect on the school has not been considered.

“By far and away the most important issue to the community was access to the foreshore for passive and active recreation.  The community wants the walkway around the bays to the city extended through this site as well open space for all.


Copies of the survey results and questions are available on our website.

for more information

contact Denis Doherty 0418 290 663


Community Survey on Fish Market

click here for the pdf of the results



Results of the Survey on the market district of the Bays Precinct or the Fish Market Proposals

June 2017


The Glebe Grapevine and Hands off Glebe Inc, spurred on by a successful public meeting about the Bays Precinct, the Fish Market and associated issues, decided to conduct a survey of Glebe and Ultimo residents using the hand delivered Grapevine. We also provided an electronic survey for people outside the suburb. The questions are the work and responsibility of the committee. Our chief concern was to find out what the people of the area think about these issues.

We had a 2% survey responses were received.  The responses were in the majority from Glebe 84% while we received 3% from Ultimo, 3% from Drummoyne, 3% from Leichhardt, 2% from Annandale and the remaining 5% from other suburbs.

Question 1 sought to check out what the locals thought the impacts would be on the area.  The question was: Which of these possible impacts of the new ‘Market District’ are you most concerned about? Circle up to 3


Cutting down some of the trees that line Wentworth Park, losing some green space in Wentworth Park, Wentworth Park being shaded by high rise on 4 sides, Increased risk of pollution into Blackwattle Bay, Problems parking/entering the water/foreshore and other amenities, Threat of fish markets noise/smell entering the school Traffic and parking /lack of public transport

The results show that issues around Wentworth Park concerned 60% of respondents while traffic concerned 30% and pollution and the threat to the school concerned 6% each.  There are some comments which are listed below bringing up other concerns.

not being able to walk all around the foreshore, awful high rise alienating “people” from the landscape, Wentworth Park was the first park ever opened after 1788 – it should be preserved and promoted as such. Bay being covered by buildings,  impact on accessible tranquil bayside and green spaces, nimbys and lack of political will – would prevent it from happening 2

suggest underground parking under Wentworth Park, loss of air movement due to buildings

loss of views eg of the harbour bridge etc

Green space lost to development can never be recovered


Loss of Dragon Boat site at 1 Bank street

Q2.High Rise or Not?

This asked a simple yes or no question.


Those in the community opposing high rise outnumber those supporting or accepting high rise by 11% which is a considerable gap.  Comments included:


prefer that the markets stay

look to Amsterdam and Paris some development but no high rise

the Glebe Ultimo Pyrmont area is already overdeveloped

only if 20% is affordable housing provided

Foreshore is owned by the people! Not developers.

What’s wrong with original site?

will create shade

How high?

insufficient space for new fish market

Absolutely necessary

high rise of less than 5 storeys

Must be low rise

Depends on height, remember Barangaroo?

Park please

10 Levels only!

Leave fish market where it is.

if low rise

want beach & parks

Already over developed

We have enough retail

3-5 levels only.








Question 3  If high rise housing is built at the old Fish Market site, what percentage of affordable and social housing would you like to see included?



Most residents indicated that they wanted to have affordable and social housing in any new residential towers by a massive 93% versus only 7% who rejected any affordable and/or public housing.


Comments included::

50% affordable, 50% public housing

50% public housing

no high rise on shoreline

10% affordable and 10%public

33% private, 33% public 33% affordable

enough social housing in Glebe already

public housing indefinitely not for example for 7 years as at Green Square.

build somewhere else

No public housing; improve social status of glebe

One-third public housing

All Public

between 5-20% affordable

100% public housing, don’t sell public land

All public land, do not sell

offset with suitable affordable housing in another location not on waterfront

10% each to public & affordable housing

Only affordable for all especially for essential workers

All public housing

A third to affordable, public and private

Question 4 Where would you prefer to see the fish markets moved from its current location?



The Government favoured site for the Fish Market next door to the school only scored 35% while other locations totaled 65%.  This view is confirmed by the responses received to question 5 below.


Other comments made were:

move along but not close to school

not sure does it need to move?

WHY DOES it have to be moved?

where it is now, why move

leave it where it is

redevelop where it is

somewhere else

somewhere else more accessible

where it currently is

Do not move fish markets

Don’t move it at all




Q 5. What do you think should be done with the old Hanson cement site?

This open ended question elicited the following trends: 49% wanted the area converted to open space for walking, cycling etc. A further 16% were prepared to have low rise community buildings plus restaurants plus a walkway.  This adds up to 65% not wanting the Fish Market to move there. 27% did want the Fish Market there and a further 9% mentioned a ferry wharf, a town beach, and a bus depot.



Nearly 100 comments were received to this question. They included:

close down and convert to pedestrian precinct

parkland and walkway

fish market

public access

fish market

no development over 3 storeys

move to western sydney

open space – reclaim bay

redevelopment into apartments, retail or fish market

open waterfront public space for recreation

fish market

fish market

foreshore walk

community area cafes and greenery

retail space

open space – community function spaces, outdoor music and film space

Question 6:  What do you think of the idea of having a pedestrian bridge connecting Wentworth Park to the foreshore?

Respondents added comments including:

Any development must accommodate a bike lane to reduce/remove the motorist/cyclist danger on Bridge Road

build a flyover

sink Bridge Rd and extend Wentworth Park above it – no buildings

the park should not be touched

small footprint

ferry wharf for fish market

move road underground and connect park to fish market

pedestrian bridge good idea

footbridge never for cars

the park should not be touched

on the proviso that the footprint is small

move the traffic underground, connect the park to the foreshore

ok if it stays a footbridge and never used for cars in the future

depends on the location, design and impact

probably not needed just have traffic lights and pedestrian crossing on the road.

footbridge for larger numbers of pedestrians

depends on the ultimate alignment of Bridge Road — if the road is to be realigned to south of the light rail viaduct then a bridge may be moot  or at least a short term palliative.

is it just for market/hi rise dwellers

Q7 How would you like to see the location of the current Fish Markets and the area along the Wentworth Park foreshore developed?



This open ended question elicited only a small response in favour of UrbanGrowth’s position of moving the Fish Market to the Hanson site and building high rise commercial and retail building on the old Fish Market site. Most replies opted for low rise, small commercial and open space.


Comments included:

community space public and affordable housing – NO High Rise

small commercial and recreational

retail and restaurants

no high rise residential on the shore line.  Public walkways

public space no high rise

no high rise

renovate the existing buildings

more space for fishing boats

residential – expand Wentworth Park

redevelop fish market

continuous foreshore walk

cafes and apartments

medium density – unimpeded public foreshore access

no high rise

public use – some cafes – no high rise

mixed use – shops cafes – foreshore walk

foreshore walk and mixed use

update fish market – more outdoor grassed areas for eating outdoors

cafes and restaurants – like Darling Harbour

retail apartments -marina

green corridor, walking bicycle track -no High Rise, café

keep as is or community shared space

environmentally and pleasing way

keep fish market no high rise no expensive private housing restaurants cafes etc

extend foreshore walk from glebe low rise building terraced as at Glebe Pt

foreshore walk from Annandale to Wooloomoloo

don’t move fish market


Question 8 Do you use Wentworth Park now?


 78% of respondents said they used the park regularly for walks, sports, training, exercising dogs and picnics.

22% reported that they did not use the park, citing age and fear of the homeless living under the viaduct. However, many of these people also stated that they value Wentworth Park because green space is important for a city and that Sydney does not have enough of it.


Glebe Grapevine May 2017 – survey on Fish Market

GG May 2017

May 2017

What to you want to happen
at the Bays Precinct?

A crowded community meeting on May 3 decided to develop a Community Master Plan for the Bays Market District which covers the Sydney Fish Market, land under the ANZAC Bridge along Bank Street Pyrmont, the first stage of a Bays Waterfront Promenade along Bank Street, and connections to Wentworth Park (see map on page 4).

Please complete the community survey on pages 2 and 3 and return it by Friday 16 June.

The results will be collated and a draft Community Master Plan prepared.

Copies will be available at Jamie Parker’s office  at 112a Glebe Point Road from Monday June 26

Our Community Master Plan will be finalised at a public meeting on Wednesday 12 July at 6pm at the Glebe Youth Service, 84 Glebe Point Road.



UrbanGrowth NSW, the government’s development agency, wants to redevelop the ‘Bays Market District’, which includes the Sydney Fish Market, land under the ANZAC Bridge along Bank Street in Pyrmont, connections to Wentworth Park and future water uses in Blackwattle Bay. (see map on page 4).

Tell us what you think:

  1. Which of these possible impacts of the new ‘Market District’ are you most concerned about? Circle up to 3.

Cutting down some of the trees that line Wentworth Park

Losing some green space in Wentworth Park

Wentworth Park being shaded by high rise on four sides

Increased risk of pollution into Blackwattle Bay

Problems parking/entering the water/foreshore and other amenities

Threat of fish markets noise/smell entering the school

Traffic and parking / lack of public transport

Other ……………………………………………………….

  1. Would you agree to high rise buildings (retail space below, private units above) on the old fish market site?

Yes / No

Other: ……………………………………………………….

  1. If high rise housing is built at the old Fish Market site, what percentage of affordable and social housing would you like to see included?

[UrbanGrowth wants to build private high rise apartments on the old Fish Market site and had said it will include 5% ‘affordable’ housing. They have no commitment to public housing]

5%              affordable housing                              Yes / No

20%            affordable housing                              Yes / No

5% public housing                                   Yes / No

20% public housing                                Yes / No

Other: (free text)


  1. Where would you prefer to see the fish markets moved from its current location?

To the old Bay Power Station (located on Rozelle’s foreshore)

Towards the school (current location of Hanson cement)

Towards the old Glebe Island Bridge

Somewhere else ……………………………………………………………

  1. What do you think should be done with the Hanson cement site?


  1. What do you think about the idea of having a pedestrian bridge connecting Wentworth Park to the foreshore?

[UrbanGrowth talks about ‘connecting Wentworth Park with the new Bays Market District’. A pedestrian bridge over Bridge Road connecting the foreshore to Wentworth Park is one idea.]

I can live with it if it means the park is kept whole

No – don’t close any street near the market

Other ………………………………………………………………

  1. How would you like to see the location of the current Fish Markets and the area along Wentworth Park foreshore developed?


8           Do you use Wentworth Park now? If so, how much and what for?



Your details

Postcode …………………………………


Name ………………………………………

Email ……………………………………….



Tell us what you want

Please fill out the survey on pages 2 and 3 and/or reply on extra pages and return them by Friday June 16.

You can post them to

Jamie Parker MP, 112A Glebe Point Road, Glebe 2037

Hands off Glebe, Box 145, Glebe NSW 2037

You can drop them off at:

Jamie Parker’s office, 112a Glebe Pt Rd

IGA (near Commonwealth Bank) Glebe Point Road

Friendly Grocer (near Wigram Rd) Glebe Point Road

The Little Bottle Shop, cnr Forsyth Street and Glebe Point Road

Have a Chat Cafe, The Old Fire Station, 113 Mitchell Street