Hands off Glebe and Grapevine Correspondent reply to Council

GG correspondent replies

This still does not answer the concerns that have been expressed to me – especially the fact that the central plantings make life difficult for residents – they no longer have direct access to neighbours across the road, indeed can not even see their houses particularly well. Getting around in wheelchairs, on walkers becomes more difficult – having to travel additional metres up and down road to get around the plantings. Additional overshadowing – which WAS an original concern expressed about the fig trees – will cause some people grief. The issue of parking and through traffic also becomes problematic – less vision for pedestrians and drivers and a “cramped in” feeling overall as opposed to what is now a wide and open boulevard.


I am unaware of any “public” consultation re this.


Also I don’t believe that the current figs will remain for too long – there have been statements made about “when they come to the end of their life” “reach full maturity” etc they will be removed as they are seen as unsuitable.

Council responds about changes to Westmoreland St.

Council answers

The City of Sydney is planting trees to improve our streets and increase canopy cover for a greener future.  Trees reduce summer temperatures, improve air quality, reduce stormwater runoff and provide habitat for birds and wildlife.


We’re planting trees in new median planter beds throughout our local area. Westmoreland Street, Glebe is the next location in this program. As part of this project, Weeping Lilly Pilly trees will be planted in the median planter beds, and the existing mature figs trees will remain.


In January 2013 the City sent a letter to residents in Westmoreland Street about the project. We received three submissions, and City staff worked with the community to address any concerns.


The proposal was endorsed by the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee in March 2013. The Committee is made up of representatives from NSW Police, Roads and Maritime Services, State Transit and local state Members of Parliament. Endorsement by the committee ensures the new garden beds meet regulations and national standards for roads and vehicle access.


We will let the community know when construction will begin.


If you have any questions this tree-planting program, please call Deborah Law on 02 9265 9333.

Changes to Westmoreland St opposed


The Original article in GG Feb 2014

Proposed “Silent” Changes to the Glebe Scene


This is one of the streetscapes of Glebe which we all know and love – the wide open vistas and tree-lined avenues that are Westmoreland, Derwent and Mt Vernon Sts. These views are under direct threat from City Council which is proposing large mid street plantings and removal of mature figs from footpaths and replacement with smaller trees. Very few people are aware of these proposed changes – the only consultation seems to have been a letterbox drop in Westmoreland St. Only three responses were received to this – two with strong reservations, one in favour. This is hardly “consultation”!